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Why use NEHCRstaffing?

NEHCRstaffing places experienced healthcare professionals in a wide range of positions at hospitals, nursing homes, private practice and assisted living facilities. From administrative and clerical positions to highly skilled healthcare professionals, we have a premium staffing solution for your organization

NEHCRstaffing offers access to motivated and highly qualified RNs, LPNs, and LVNs in all disciplines and specialties. We take a consultative approach to ensure we provide the highest quality staffing support to our customers.

With per diem staffing and short- or long-term contracts, our nurse staffing services are designed to meet your facility’s unique needs.

Because we understand that today’s healthcare workforce often goes beyond nursing, we provide allied staffing services as part of our comprehensive solutions.

We can connect you to our network of licensed and qualified clinicians, including technologists, therapists, and other allied health professionals in a range of specialties like imaging, physical therapy, speech pathology, and more.

These Are Just A Few Of the Reasons Our Healthcare Clients Rely On Our Per Diem Staffing Solutions
  • Fast turnaround. We provide nursing, allied health, and support professionals to fill immediate staffing demands — whether it’s to cover last-minute emergency staffing or planned absences, we connect you with qualified professionals in your community who are ready to assist.
  • Flexibility. Facilities can use contingent staff to cover census fluctuations or prevent burnout. Reliable, certified professionals are on hand to assure top-quality patient care for both short and long-term contracts.
  • Cost savings. Per diem staffing allows facilities to fill short-term specialized needs in a cost effective manner without hiring full-time staff.
  • Ability to assess before hiring. Need to fill a full-time position? Per diem staffing allows facilities to “try out” candidates before hiring to assure an ideal fit.