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Our Resource Center is a place for our candidates and clients to come and get the most recent news in our industries, get your most frequently asked questions answered and download documents to assist you along the way when working with us. To get more familiar with our resource center we have provided a brief overview of each of the sections. Enjoy and Thank you for visiting.

Downloads & Documents

Whether you are just starting the process with us or on an active assignment, this is the place to find everything you need when working with us. From our application when walking through our doors, to interview strategy to time sheet related forms, you can find it all here. Don’t see what you need, contact us today.


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Why should I work with NECHRstaffing?
NEHCRstaffing is a full-service staffing firm that provides comprehensive administrative and professional support services in Boston and the surrounding areas. For over 8 years, we have brought companies and talented people together, helping hiring managers and prospective employees achieve more in their business initiatives and career aspirations.
Are there fees for registering with NEHCRstaffing?
No. NEHCRstaffing's services are free to all prospective candidates.
How do I apply for a job or register with NEHCRstaffing for job opportunities?
Please submit your resume to a position you’re interested in on our website. A recruiter will be in touch to discuss your work history and determine what types of opportunities might suit you.
What is the process if I decide to work with NEHCRstaffing?
We first conduct a phone screen with you to understand your background and career goals. Once we have talked with you and have an understanding of your background, we will begin to submit your resume to available opportunities. We do not submit your resume to any client without your prior knowledge and approval.
Do you offer contract and permanent positions?
We offer both contract and permanent opportunities in multiple fields.
How long does it take for NEHCRstaffing to find me an assignment?
It varies depending on many factors including your background, the market, and any restrictions/requirements you may have to pursue a role.
How do I sign up for direct deposit?
Please fill out and send an Enrollment Form and a voided check to You may email for further assistance and instructions.
If I do not have a Primary Care Doctor how am I going to get my immunizations updated?
There are many urgent care facilities throughout Massachusetts that will allow walk-ins for individuals who do not have a PCP or insurance.

On Assignment

What do I do if I’m sick, running late, or need time off from an assignment?
In any of these scenarios you should request the time from your assignment manager and inform your recruiter. It is very important that you maintain as much communication with both parties when unexpected or expected time off requests arise.
What do I do if I need to leave my contract assignment before it was slated to end?
A professional two weeks notice should be submitted to your recruiter who will then follow up with your on-site manager.
What happens when my assignment ends?
When your current assignment is approaching its end date you can contact your recruiter to discuss another assignment.
Who do I call if I’m having a problem on my assignment?
Please contact your recruiter if you have any questions or concerns about your current assignment.
What do I do in the event of inclement weather, i.e. a snow day?
Make sure you have your on-site managers contact information. You’ll want a way to contact your manager directly regarding potential closings/delays. You can also ask if they have a weather hotline to call in for updates.

Payroll & Accounting

How long until my direct deposit goes through?
Direct deposit will go into effect immediately after you enroll. You must enroll on Monday of the payroll week to receive that week’s deposit on Friday. Bi-weekly deposits are made every other Friday. See your recruiter for information on how to enroll in direct deposit.
When are paychecks available through direct deposit?
After you enroll in the direct deposit program, funds will be deposited into your account every Friday. However, timecards received after the deadline on Monday on 10:00 am for the following week of work, may result in a delayed receipt of your paycheck deposit.
When will I receive my W2?
W-2 forms are sent out by January 31st of every year. W2 forms are sent to the address we have on file for you in our payroll system. If you have undergone an address change since starting an assignment with NEHCRstaffing, please confirm your current address with your recruiter to ensure accurate delivery of your W2.
Where should I submit my online timecard?
Timecards should be submitted at the end of every other work week. The deadline for timecards are Mondays at 10:00 am. If we do not receive your timecard by this deadline your paycheck deposit may experience delays.
Where do I submit my timecard?
You can submit your timecard to or fax to 774.763.0190. If you experience any issues, you can contract your recruiter for more assistance.

Healthcare Credentials

If I am not currently in possession of all my medical records will that prevent me from being considered for job openings?
No. We do ask that you bring any records that are available to your recruiters knowledge in your initial phone interview to make the process faster if an offer is made. However, we are available to help guide you through the process of obtaining any necessary documentation, therefore, a lack of documentation will never prevent us from submitting your resume to an opportunity or scheduling an interview.
If I’m pursuing an administrative role within healthcare, do I still have to provide medical records?
Yes. Healthcare facilities require medical records for all employees.
I’m not sure what kind of documentation I need to provide for my credentials. Who can I speak to?
Your recruiter is your best resource for all questions related to your placement. If your recruiter is not available and the issue is time sensitive, please call our main number, 508.732.7367 and ask to speak to a member of the credentialing team.
If I have a CPR certification that has expired. Do I need to get it updated?
Yes. If you are pursuing a clinical position you are responsible for updating your CPR certification prior to starting a new assignment.
If I do not have a Primary Care Physician how may I get my immunizations updated?
There are many urgent care facilities throughout Massachusetts that will allow appointments for individuals who not have a PCP or insurance.
If my credentials are not complete will I be able to start a new role?
No. Many of our clients go by JCAHO standards that prevent them from allowing contract employees to start pending completion of the required credentials. However, your recruiter and our credentialing team will be available to help with this process should you accept an assignment through NEHCRstaffing.